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Build a streaming video web service

The (fictional) Brixton Youth Sports Association (BYSA) needs a place to store instructional videos, game footage, schedules and all the other things to celebrate and educate players, coaches and parents in the sports they organise. They could use YouTube or any other commercial video site, but it’s better to have something a bit more private, no?

Enter MediaGoblin, a Python-based tool enabling folks to share all kinds of media with just the people they want to share with, no corporate servers required. MediaGoblin uses the ActivityPub web standard (see box, bottom right) to permit sharing.

Enjoying MediaGoblin

doesn’t yet offer the prettiest site on the internet (if you’re so

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Quick Tip
If you’re unsure about a change that you’re going to make (such as when working on the handle in this tutorial), press Ctrl+D to duplicate the object. Move it out of the way, then click the eye icon in the Outliner to make it invisible until you need