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y own swim-guiding company offers swim experiences in wild, beautiful and open-water locations with no pressure to swim any distance or

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International Dawn Chorus Day
On the first Sunday of May every year, bird lovers worldwide rise early and make for their favourite nature spots to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day. The symphony alone is fulfilling enough, but have you ever wondered which song belongs to wh
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Pennine Pasturelands
Weardale’s scenery owes everything to geology. As the now-redundant lead mining industry filled the valley, it forced agriculture on to the hills, leading to a rare ecology of upland hay meadows that remain the spring and summer glory of the North Pe
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We’re blessed in the UK to have four distinct seasons, each embodied by its own heady brew of melody, scent, colour and light. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but after the long, deep freeze of winter, spring has to be up there. It’s a season of emer