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BBC Gardeners' World3 min citite
Your Best-ever Hanging Baskets
Creatively planted baskets are colourful, tactile pieces of living art, ideal for brightening up any garden. Suspended at eye (and nose) level, they put on a display that’s easily admired and they’re particularly valuable where space is tight, as the
BBC Gardeners' World1 min cititeArchitecture
Plants For Places
After years of enriching the heavy clay soil at Longmeadow, the garden can support dramatic growth in just a season from robust plants such as Ensete (banana) and cannas (left). Where the ground floods, as it often does in autumn, damp-loving ferns,
BBC Gardeners' World2 min citite
My Gardening World Joe Lycett
What’s been the response to you opening up online about your love of gardening? I’m out and proud – it’s been really positive, when you realise how many gardeners there are, which is brilliant, we need more! However, my view on gardening is a bit ‘d