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Painterly patterns always have us at ‘Hello!’ and Linwood’s second Omega Prints velvet collection brings us more to covet. The 15 designs range from small geometrics to bold brushstroke styles, inspired by everything from Moroccan kilims to vintage Russian textiles. The Crystal design (pictured in the Sunset colourway) is inspired by the work of British landscape artist John Nash

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The Kelly Bag
The Kelly bag started life in 1923, designed by Émile-Maurice Hermès and Ettore Bugatti as a spacious travel bag for Hermès’ wife. Refined in the 1930s, it was first sold as the Sac à Dèpêches and became the first handbag to be propelled to super-sta
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Comfort Tip
Soft flooring comes into its own in the bedroom and, along with the living room, is often the place where people choose to have fitted carpets. If you prefer floorboards, ensure you still gain comfort underfoot by investing either in a large rug that
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48 HOURS IN… Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green in London’s East End may not be the obvious choice for an antiquing mini break. It was one of the worst slums of Victorian England, bombed heavily during the Second World War and, in the 1960s, it was home to infamous gangsters, the Kra