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Crime stories seem more popular than ever. Bookshop shelves and TV schedules are heaving with murder mysteries and whodunnits. And the ‘true crime’ genre has, and . The podcast – season one of which investigated a real-life murder – has attracted hundreds of millions of downloads.

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Mind Games
Do you ever have days when you can’t seem to do anything right? Days when you’re fed up with yourself? Days when you berate yourself for things you’ve said or done with the sort of angry monologue that you wouldn’t subject a friend to? From time to t
BBC Science Focus Magazine1 min cititeBiology
A History Of Phage Therapy
Félix d’Hérelle controversially declares he has found a bacteria- eating virus – a bacteriophage. Others claim an English scientist, Frederick Twort, observed the same phenomena two years earlier. Félix d’Hérelle (below) uses phages to treat children
BBC Science Focus Magazine1 min citite
Beat The Burnout
PLUS Your step-by-step guide to seeing the wonders of the Solar System. Are the seasons hardwired into our biology? ON SALE 20 JAN SF ■