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Zap Of Luxury
Weddings, bar mitzvahs, the odd car industry awards ceremony. I don’t put The Suit on lightly, the occasion has to call for it. Driving and being driven around by my faithful chauffeur Jeeves in a near-half-million-quid Bentley is one such occasion,
BBC Top Gear Magazine4 min cititeAutomotive
As Volkswagen Group’s big chief, Diess is steering a company making 11 million vehicles a year, which sure puts him in a position to make a difference. He plans on overtaking Tesla’s rate of EV production this year, and by 2030 half of VAG’s producti
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Skoda Octavia Estate
GOODBYE £26,230 OTR/£30,655 as tested/£367pcm WHY IT’S HERE Can Skoda still do practicality at an attractive price? DRIVER Adam Waddell I DON’T REMEMBER A TIME WHEN MY FAMILY DIDN’T HAVE A CORTINA, Granada or Sierra estate on the drive, so I felt a t