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Try these mood-boosting activities

Take a guided walk

alking is known to improve your cardiovascular health, mood and self-esteem. A 2014

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The Young Ones
Up close, it is easy to get water snipe fly larvae the wrong way around. Until, that is, you see them moving. For a start, they don’t have a head as such, since their body tapers to a point, tipped with piercing mandibles. Their back end is thicker a
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Choice Locations
1 Falls of Clyde, near New Lanark, is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and is famed for its spectacular waterfalls. Dippers and kingfishers are two of the stars regularly seen here. 2 Dulnain River rises in the Monadhliaths and is a tributary o
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Greta Spiders
WHAT IS IT? When the huntsman spider genus Thunberga was named last year after a certain Swedish environmentalist, it contained just a single species. Now, it contains 26. Some of the 25 new ‘Greta spiders’ have been named in honour of other inspirat