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Dabbling with DNA

Scientists are using molecular techniques to alter the DNA

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Mark Carwardine
It’s shocking to realise that, no matter how many campaigns are fought, treaties signed or protected areas established, the future of life on Earth rests, to a large extent, with a handful of irresponsible, irrational and ignorant individuals. Enviro
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The Campaigner
Jonathan got in touch with me through my Hedgehog Highways Facebook group. He was concerned about the three different developments planned for the outskirts of his Suffolk village, and how they might impact on the local hedgehog population. “I starte
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Nest Structure: The Long-tailed Tit
1 A nest site is chosen between some thin, upright branches, often deep within bramble or gorse bushes where the thorns offer protection from predators. A simple layer of moss is built up and secured to the branches with silk. 2 Both birds graduall