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The Who Do You Think You Are? app for iPhone and iPad offers a convenient way to purchase and access digital copies of the magazine through your Apple device. We took a general look at using the app to browse, preview and purchase both individual issues and subscriptions in the November 2018 issue, but since then the app has evolved significantly and become even more useful.

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PCs running Windows Vista or later £59.95 Family Historian is the ultimate ‘power tool’ for experienced genealogists. Almost six years after the last major release of the software, version 7 arrives with a spring in its step and the focus very muc
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Is This Couple Celebrating 50 Years Of Marriage?
Q I have been given this digital photo, which I think shows my 3x great grandparents Henry and Jane Hatton, and wonder if you could date it? Henry was born in 1815 and Jane in 1813, and both lived in Reading. Their 50th wedding anniversary was in 189
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w genuki.org.uk/big/eng/dev/militaryhistory/ militialists Some transcriptions of Devon militia lists are available via GENUKI. w bit.ly/familysearch-english-militia The extensive FamilySearch Wiki includes a guide to militia records in England. w t