PERHAPS MORE THAN anywhere, we Australians love to share a drink. And because we so enjoy socialising, a celebratory toast, and the sound of ice against glass, we have an uncommon respect for the arts of winemaking, distilling and brewing.

“It’s very rare anywhere on earth that people have the same cognisance around wine regions and varieties,” says delicious . drinks guru Mike Bennie. It’s little surprise then, that from vine to vat, Australia is a stronghold when it comes to innovation in the drinks industry.

Merrily, in the past three years, there’s been a real swing toward innovation that comes with a healthy pour of do-gooding, from commitment to provenance, land care, indigenous ingredients, and even social responsibility. “We’ve never been more innovative,” says Bennie. “There’s a sense of adventure and general excitement within the industry.”

Here, we speak to five trailblazing labels to keep an eye on – all intent on giving your drinking habits a good stir. Let’s drink to that!



What happens when you achieve

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