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eeting up with friends or complete strangers at the local hangout spot and taking your car out for a solid cruise is the absolute staple of this car scene we all love. We’ve been doing

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Hero Contributor Duncan Rourke
Shooting seven to eight cars is no quick or easy task. It took plenty of planning with lots of coffee. It’s amazing to see all of Steve’s cars in one place at once. Each has a different style, which really kept things interesting — you couldn’t tell
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Local Specialists
OILS, ADDITIVES FLUIDS, FUELS AND WORKSHOP CONSUMABLES RECHARGE BATTERIES Battery revitalizer and conditioner / 0800 36 66 36 PO Box 350, Pukekohe, Auckland SOUTH PACIFIC ETHANOL Suppliers of quality race fuels
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Big Ambition
Four years — that’s how long I spent living in Japan. From the age of 22 to 26. My name is Shaun Constable, and for the next few issues of NZ Performance Car, I’ll be bringing you stories of my adventures throughout Japan, from buying a car to waking