The Pastel Journal


Cory Goulet starts every piece by turning on a CD in her studio.

She lets the energy of the music course through her body, moving and dancing in front of her blank canvas. She listens to favorites like Nina Simone or Aretha Franklin—strong voices with upbeat tempos. Only then does she begin projecting her energy onto the canvas, working intuitively to paint, layer and create. Her work is deeply abstract. “You have to create something out of nothing,” Goulet says.

Color is often her guide as she starts. “I love color, and in most of my work I use bright, bold colors,” says the artist. Sometimes she’ll start with a few pre-selected colors that lead her in a particular direction. “Other times, it’s just grab and go, and I build from there. I like to keep it loose,” she says.

Goulet works in larger formats

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PASTEL Journal
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Anne Hevener SENIOR DESIGNER Brian Roeth SENIOR EDITOR Holly Davis MANAGING EDITOR Christina Richards Sylvie Cabal, Art du Pastel; Albert Handell; Liz Haywood-Sullivan; Janie Hutchinson; Isabelle V. Lim; Richard McKinley, IAPS; Rae Sm
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A Paradigm Of Beauty
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