The Pastel Journal

Hard, Soft and Everything in Between

In this display of various pastels, I’ve arranged the sticks

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Putting The “Soul” In Shoes
Healy started to focus her painting efforts on still life subjects during the months of lockdown in Ireland last spring, when she didn’t have access to her studio and had to work at home. She did several paintings of pairs of shoes during that time—p
The Pastel Journal3 min citite
Local Color
I’ve spent the last decade traveling and painting in national plein air competitions. My love for travel, however, long precedes my time on the competition circuit. Once I added painting to my travel adventures, it opened the door to a unique way for
The Pastel Journal1 min citite
Finding the Sweet Spot
Time is limited in plein air competitions, where one’s output must be large—and finished. Artists don’t have the luxury of searching all day to locate the perfect spot. One of the most valuable tools for finding a scene quickly is a local map, and a