The Studio as a „space“ to switch off

Right from the start, my goal was to build the cleanest room-producer-studio I can imagine – a studio in which I simply feel comfortable and in which I can fully devote myself to music production. In addition, everything should be easily accessible and suitable for an effective workflow and must be perfectly arranged and optimized.

But one thing at a time: first of all, I‘d like to answer the question of how you get the idea to build a studio like that. Very simple: music is my life! I‘ve been playing drums since I was 5 years old. I actively spent about five years non-stop mostly as a solo artist on all kinds of stages in clubs and at events. At some point, I came across FL Studio by chance. Somehow, I felt quite comfortable with it and soaked up everything through YouTube tutorials and tips from my producer friends like a sponge. About 1.5 years ago, I quit my normal job and have been producing music fulltime for image films, cinema spots,

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