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Beat English3 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
Double Is Better: Parallel Processing With Effects Pedals
As many people know, the majority of effects pedals available on the market are tuned to the characteristics of electric guitars. As a result, not only are many effects a bit too much of a good thing for synthetically generated sounds, but crucial ba
Beat English3 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
Test: PLAYdifferently Model 1.4
With the six-channel Model 1 DJ mixer, PLAYdifferently has already pursued an idiosyncratic path, designed according to the premises of star DJ Richie Hawtin. Identical in construction, but with four instead of six channels, now follows the compact M
Beat English5 min cititeComputers
Review: Zoom PodTrak P8
Podcast recorder 6 Microphone inputs 6 Headphone outputs Telephone interview channel 9 Sound pads USB audio interface 13 inputs/2 outputs iOS compatible Manufacturer: Zoom Web: Distrib: Sound Service Price: 499 Euro ▲ Good sound quality