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Tractor & Machinery7 min cititeAutomotive
Continental Clash
Firstly, thanks to those of you that have been sending in your thoughts on this series. It has achieved what we set out to do, which is generate a talking point – so we have definitely met our goal! We aim to be as objective as possible and do not le
Tractor & Machinery3 min cititeAutomotive
Russell McNab
Tell us about yourself… I was a farmer in the Cumnock area of Ayrshire until about 1990. I always looked after my tractors and machinery myself, doing welding, joinery work, building sheds and the like. That was until I had to move to another farm ab
Tractor & Machinery5 min citite
Pin Replacement Part 4
This job has certainly dragged on a bit! The original intention was to replace the worn lower link mounting pins, but it turned into something of much greater magnitude when a broken casting was discovered! A replacement casting from a scrap industri