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ith the current pandemic underway, you may be concerned, not only about your loved ones, but also about how your personal training business can stay afloat. Eventually, isolation periods will end, and you’ll be able to continue your business again. But in the meantime, you should develop a strategy that ensures you deliver lifetime value to your clients. This will give you a loyal client-base, that will

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2020 Fitness Retreats
Offering the perfect backdrop to connect with nature, Ibiza’s beautiful beach clubs and restaurants, Amante & Aiyanna, are excited to announce their new yoga classes for 2020 where guests can perfect their poses in the early morning sun followed by h
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What Should We Be Recommending, High Or Low Carb Diets For Fat Loss?
Of course, the question has never really been framed like that; rather there was a period of time where carbohydrates were considered ‘fattening’, then there was the low-fat period involving fat free everything and super high carbohydrate diets, and
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10 Instagram Hacks To Boost Your Fitness Account
Nowadays there are loads of ways to promote and market your business – free of charge! This is especially true for those operating in the fitness industry, which has been on a rapid incline for the past decade. Apps such as Instagram have transformed