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Fitness experts discuss the benefits of CrossFit, the prerequisites, and what to expect from your coach when joining a box.

Jens Vatter – International Head Coach GluckerKolleg

“The idea of CrossFit is great. The concept that you can combine different elements of weightlifting, bodyweight movements, and gymnastics, while making fitness a little more competitive and exciting. Yet, in practice, the execution is often poor. Workouts are all about going to maximum. Hitting a certain number of reps in minimal time, or vice versa. I often see the emphasis placed on the need for speed and power, with people getting carried away, and giving limited awareness, or concentration, to the stability and mobility required. It is no surprise CrossFit has become the highest ranked sport in the USA for injuries.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with a number of elite level athletics coaches. They have always preached the importance of building from the ground up. Focus on the basics, drill technique, and work on eliminating restrictions.

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