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of a nationwide series of new piano performance festivals for players of all levels and ages, organised by the European Piano Teachers’ Association (EPTA). The EPTA Festivals concept is unique in that it offers opportunities for players from pre-Grade One level up to the most advanced levels to perform together, on the same platform. Both non-competitive and competitive entries are accepted, and entrants

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Staying Power The Right Way To Build Stamina
When we take up the piano, perhaps the last thing on our minds is how to sustain the mental and physical energy we’ll need to play longer, more challenging pieces. Stamina will mean something subtly different for each of us: For a conservatoire stude
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Silver Screen Pianists
Pianists appear in the movies again and again. Sometimes the plots in which they pop up are predictable to a yawning degree, and could probably be boiled down to ‘tortured young artist pours out his heart into a concerto (usually Rachmaninov No 2) an
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Anton DIABELLI (1781-1858)
A contemporary of Beethoven, Diabelli was born in Salzburg, Austria. A musical child, he sang in the boys’ choir at Salzburg Cathedral where he is believed to have taken music lessons with Michael Haydn. By the age of 19, Diabelli had already compose