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No matter what your kind of writing, with the exception of poetry and text books, the Soho Agency could well be interested

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Hold A Candle
The Moths to a Flame poetry competition is inviting entries. Finalists in the Art and Energy Collective’s poetry competition for 2021 will be invited to a Zoom slam to decide the winner. The Moths to a Flame poetry contest invites original, unpublish
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Planet Mindful, edited by Holly Johnson, is a bimonthly magazine that encourages a mainly female readership aged between twenty and sixty to take time for hobby pastimes including cooking, crafting, gardening, colouring and yoga. The magazine promote
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ON THE EDGE for Ciaran
He sitson the edgeof his bedin the blue gloom,alert yet apprehensive,a bag of fears. Half-naked,half formed,he achesfor a futurehe must createhimself. His eyes fixon his desk,wherea pool of lightspills white,intimidates;laptop, lamp, penwitnesses toh