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THE YOUNG PROFESSOR AND STIX the commentary team!
IGNITE Wrestling fans popped hard when they saw something new at the sidelines of the ring at IGNITE Wrestling Present No Limits as we unveiled our all-new commentary team of The Young Professor and Stix. The duo who have been making their presence k
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What Kind Of fan Are You?
I love that in wrestling there is no one fan type. Fans come in every age, every size, gender and nationality so it is extremely hard when asked what type of fanbase do we have? Pro wrestling is so much more than just two guys beating each other up i
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Lifestyle Face Masks Non Medical Grade
Normally when you think of pro wrestling, you don’t immediately go in your head to face masks. But that is exactly where IGNITE Wrestling when when looking at how COVID 19 was changing how wrestling and interaction will be for the immediate future. D