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• These days everyone likes to have an opinion, but don’t let other people’s fear (of the market, risk, the unknown, making a mistake)

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NZ Property Investor3 min citite
Beware The Engineering Fish-hooks
When you are undertaking subdivision and building developments, there are typically a lot of “moving parts”. The complexity of these developments increases exponentially with the size of the project. An engineering aspect of subdivision and building
NZ Property Investor5 min citite
Change Is Coming
In a month where housing investment was turned on its head by new Government policies extending the bright-line test to 10 years and scrapping mortgage interest tax deductibility, March continued as a record peak buying month for investors as house p
NZ Property Investor3 min citite
She’ll Be Right?
A lot has happened since the last issue! There have been a number of major changes that will affect many property investors across the country. Some of these changes may even have you questioning whether or not it is still worth it. The biggest chang