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• These days everyone likes to have an opinion, but don’t let other people’s fear (of the market, risk, the unknown, making a mistake)

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Invest In The Future
Buy cheap, tidy up, add value. It’s a tried-and-true investment strategy, which for years has spelled success for New Zealand property investors. But with the perfect storm of vertiginous house price rises, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act (R
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What’s Happening In Your Region
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday April 28, 7pm at the Distinction Hotel, Riverside Drive, Whangarei. TOPIC: This month’s speaker is Scotney Williams LLB, Tenancy Practice Service Ltd. Scotney is one of the few people in the country with an in depth understan
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The Long Game
Investor Darryl Reid has no illusions about the five-bedroom 1950’s bungalow that he purchased for $509,000 in Rotorua last November. He calls it a “meth house”: “It tested negative, but it was as rough as one,” he shares. The Ōwhata house and sleepo