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Pride of ownership. Bragging rights. Your own personal and private museum. All of these thoughts come to mind when a collector collects. How a person gets

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Numismatics in 1858 Produces Heavy Silver Coinages
While not all that well known to collectors at the present time, the year 1858 deserves all the attention it can muster. There were a number of events that came during this time that would affect numismatics for decades to come and, in some cases, un
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The weekly Show Directory lists all coin & paper money events scheduled within 1 month of the issue cover date. Show dates & times sometimes change at the last minute. Please contact the show promoter BEFORE traveling long distances. SHOW PROMOTERS:
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‘Wayfair’ Sales Tax Compliance Burden Grows
I doubt that many – if any – coin dealers know the answers to all of the following questions. 1. Can you name the U.S. state where the governor and the revenue department have declared that a single sale by an out-of-state business to a resident of t