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Unexplainable data loss

I have an HP Elitebook that is currently fitted with a 2.5-inch SSD as the main Windows 7 drive, and a 1TB mSATA that contains working files and a majority of VirtualBox images as both VHD and VDI files.

I have recently swapped out the 2.5-inch SSD with another one and installed Windows 10 on it, which has gone very smoothly apart from one issue: When I swap back to the Windows 7 SSD I notice that I have lost some VDI files completely, and others have been corrupted.

I have managed to recover some of the lost files from backups and have tried the swap again, and the same thing keeps happening.

What is causing this, and is there anything I can do to stop this? At some point, I will permanently swap the Windows 7 SSD out and use the Windows 10 one, but I’m concerned about data loss on my mSATA. Any help is most appreciated.


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