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How to Take Control of Your Life and Begin Living Consciously

How to Take Control of Your Life and Begin Living Consciously by Damien Justus. Photograph of a man standing in the water during a sunset by Mohammed Nohassi
Photograph by Mohammed Nohassi

The journey to living more mindfully can begin at any time, whenever you make the decision to do so — and myriad benefits await

Letting yourself drift through life can be tempting, especially if you find decisions hard to make. However, this approach denies you the greatest experiences life can offer. If you begin wondering why you’re unhappy with your circumstances, consider these tips for living consciously.

Understand Yourself

The first step in living consciously is understanding who you are and what your situation is. What do you love doing? What do you believe? Are you healthy? Are you happy? You can’t create a fulfilling life experience without knowing your own goals. If you

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