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easy build. The Enthoo Pro 2 needs more cable-management solutions, but it’s a big case with a bunch of useful tricks up its sleeve to make the build process run smoothly. Installing extra drives or case fans is a cinch; the upgrade potential for this build is nearly unlimited. There’s a

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Geek Quiz
IT’S TIME TO SEE if you’ve been reading Maximum PC diligently and soaking up all the lovely techy knowledge, with one of our famously fiendish quizzes. We’ve concocted a set of questions that will tax your noodle on everything from processors and oth
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Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox
Who browses the browsers? FOR THE LONGEST TIME everyone used Microsoft Internet Explorer, and then one day, around 2013, the world woke up and everyone was using Chrome. How did that happen, and should we care? Google launched Chrome in late 2008, wh
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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED what makes a PC start and run, I mean really run? Not just hand-waving “the processor boots the operating system” dismissive nonsense, which isn’t any more enlightening than saying that stuff is made of atoms. The nuts and bolt