$4.99 From Ngoc Luu,

Made for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs macOS 10.15 or later; iOS 13.0 or later

Read–later apps Instapaper and Pocket make it easy to save articles for consumption at a more convenient

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ICloud Is Not…
iCloud is a sync service. If you delete or damage something on device A, it’s deleted or damaged on devices B and C (although you can often get it back — see page 21). You should also have at least one separate external backup of anything important.
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Fuzion 2.0
Free (IAPs) From Leslie, Made for iPhone or iPod touch Needs iOS 12.4 or later Fuzion for iOS is an image editing app for quickly layering and masking portrait photos with graphics and other effects, without requiring the use of advanced
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Kew Labs UTS–1
$104.99 From Kew Labs, Features 7.5W charging, tool–free installation, works with surfaces up to 1–inch thick How do you make your Qi charger stand out? Go invisible — that’s the premise of Kew Labs’ UTS–1 charging pad. Unlike other c