This could be the worst time to buy a new PC

PC sales are due to fall

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Google Nest Hub (2nd generation)
$149, The Google Nest Hub 2, or the second generation as the tech giant is calling it, is Google’s latest smart display, and like the previous version, which was called the Google Home Hub before the name was changed to Google Nest
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What Gadgets Do I Need To Get My Novel Written?
Bearded lollygagger George RR Martin famously spends his time gawping at the walls of his home office, pretending to write the next A Song of Ice and Fire book while sat in front of a DOS computer running 1987’s WordStar 4.0. Guru writes with, depend
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Better Safe...
They say there are two inevitabilities in life – death and taxes. Once upon a time I am sure this was true, but in this modern age there is a third one: at some point, your PC is going to be compromised. It could be from malware, set in place to take