A rise in the number of devices and conveniences connecting to the power supply can quickly drain or even overload the batteries fitted to the modern generation of motorhomes, camper vans and overland-focued 4x4 SUVs and utes.

To help manage the demand, battery technology company Projecta has now extended

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AMIGO UNO: Toyota Hilux SR
Maximum power: 150kW at 3000-3400 rpmMaximum torque: 500Nm at 1600-2800 rpmTransmission: six speed automaticFront brakes: ventilated discRear brakes: drumFront suspension: double wishbone IFS coil spring, anti-roll barRear suspension: leaf springFuel
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2020 (ahoay) A Hell Of A Year
Well that (as in year 2020) didn’t exactly end up like any normal person might have predicted, did it? One minute I was planning another hectic, though at the same time kinda’ loose, year of mags, trips away and generally taking care of ‘busy-ness,’
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