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“What I love most of all is creating the tiny details.”

At university I struggled to find my feet for a while, not knowing what my ‘thing’ was while studying Illustration. I tried drawing,– I think I fancied myself as a Lauren Child [creative author-illustrator and collage artist] with these pieces! It wasn’t until the beginning of my final year at Cambridge School of Art that I had the light bulb moment to use these cut paper methods in a 3D way, and I instantly fell in love. What I really enjoy about working in 3D is that I start by doing conceptual sketches, then I mix the colours I want to use and paint them on big sheets of paper. These sheets then get cut up and I stick them together and draw on them to make the different elements within my sets. But what I love most of all is creating the tiny details – I used to adore making small furnishings for my Sylvanian Family dolls’ houses when I was little, such as place mats and Plasticine doughnuts. Recently, I’ve had to buy some tweezers to help me stick together minuscule pieces of paper! At the end of the process I create a set and light it, use photography to capture it, then edit the photos to get the effect I want. in your hand after a long day of working!

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Mollie Makes
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