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is an unusual new magazine whose editorial team work around the theme of creative writing ‘in, around, and about science, scientists, and the interaction

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Repeat, Refresh
Repeater Books publishes intelligent, radical books that present alternative thought for a wide readership. ‘We work across every genre and niche, the two connecting strands being that ours are books that we believe have to be in print, and that they
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In A Murmuration Of Starlings
It was duskwhen I sprang from the towerhigh over the Cambridgeshire fens.Poised at first on pointed toes,arms out-stretched, I dived ….No practised art this, no feathered bird,no death wish, just a lust for flight.No engine, but the beating of my hea
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Exploring What’s Mine
‘My latest novel, Mine, has been described by award-winning author Kit de Waal as: “A heart-breaking account of love and loss told by a great storyteller”,’ writes subscriber Alison Knight. ‘This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever written because i