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Vincent Laforet first fell in love with shooting aerials as a teenager while flying back and forth from New York City to visit his father who lived in France. During those overnight flights, Laforet would stare out the window, mesmerized by the complex grid of flashing lights in the city below.

“I would get completely lost in the microcosms of life going on down there,” he recalls. “Nothing fascinated me more than flying at night because you could see all the cars’ headlights, and you could see a different level of activity than during the day. There’s so much movement in New York, and I would get completely lost in it.”

While gazing out of the plane’s porthole, Laforet would reach for his camera (a Nikon F3 film SLR given to him by his father) and press it against the window for a snap. After getting the photos developed

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