High-performance computing

We hardly have to feel bad for ARM, it’s not like it already owns the entire mobile phone and tablet space. In fact if things weren’t already looking a bit

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HOW TO Do more with Messages
Pinning a conversation displays that particular conversation at the top of the list of messages. Navigate to the conversation you want to pin in the list,control-click on it and choose Pin. You can unpin it in the same way. Control-click on the conv
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The 2038 Problem
There are plenty more integer overflow bugs out there, and one of the most prominent involves dates stored on Unix and Unix-like operating systems. While it’s fixed on most of the Unix-likes we use commonly, such as Android, macOS, and iOS (early ver
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BirdNET: Bird Sound Identification
Free Birds are cool. Or they are really annoying. Either way, it’s generally good to know which birds you are enjoying or being annoyed by. BirdNET: Bird sound identification is a cute app that listens to birds, and then tells you what they are. Bird