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Cs: Classic Music Player

pple’s Music app for iOS/iPad focuses on the company’s own streaming service, marginalising your own collection. Cs instead rethinks the original iPhone Music experience for modern devices. It’s retro in all the right ways: your tracks are

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£250 / They’re bulkier than the average in-ears and come with a ridiculously large case, but otherwise the QC Earbuds are difficult to knock. The noise-cancelling doesn’t do a disservice to the esteemed QC name, it’s hugely customisable,
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Attainable Sustainables
Among the many problems with Tom and Barbara’s dream of suburban self-sufficiency in ’70s British sitcom The Good Life was the fact that they had to quit their day jobs… yet still be able to afford a house with a massive garden, and buy a pig. Millen
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