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For many, “hands-on” is just an expression. For Maria Provenzano, it’s a way of life. Maria is the ever-capable mind behind From Scratch with Maria, a blog devoted to crafting, and one of the resident DIY experts on The Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. Whether you’ve ever desired to make a chocolate cake that resembles a roaring bonfire or your own snowflake table setting, Maria has been showing you how to do it all since 2013. But this devotion to the art of creativity began way before the online realm of Pinterest, Instagram, or blogs took off.

In fact, Maria’s claim to the DIY throne is a veritable birthright. Hailing from the Great Lakes region of Michigan, Maria learned early that your best tools are your own two hands and a bit of ingenuity. “I grew up not knowing people bought jelly from the grocery store—that was something you made,” she says. Her paternal grandfather, Frank, ran Provenzano’s, an Italian specialty food store in Saginaw, Michigan, with his parents and brothers

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