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Linux Milestones

have come a long ways ince the good old days. In the beginning, of course, there were no distros (actually in the beginning there was no Linux, and no space-time, then there was a big bang—but you get the point). You’d start with the kernel,

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That’s Not Linux!
There have been plenty of other kernels and operating systems, many open source, but all languishing in the footnotes of history. The original UNIX releases had their day, but the POSIX standard they established, the shackles and legalities of overbe
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Virtual Reality In 2021
OVER THE COURSE of the past seven decades, the term “virtual reality” has been thrown around quite a bit within the tech world. However, during that time, it has actually become a rather divisive and subjective form of entertainment. Tedious and awkw
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Code Vs. Cipher
Whether something is a code or a cipher is a question that mainly vexes magazine editors looking at almost 4,000 words of copy in which the terms are used frequently, but the two concepts are not interchangeable. One way of looking at it is that code