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Corsair iCue Suite


he LT100 “starter kit” that we’ve got here consists of two towers, each with 46 addressable LEDs. The light-diffusing plastic cover on the front of each tower ensures a soft glow, unlike the harsh brightness of some

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Corsair HS60 Haptic $120
IF WHITE CAMO is your thing, or you can overlook the fact that this is white camo, then the HS60 is a good contender for this battle. Looks aren’t everything, remember. The HS60 Haptic is competitively priced at around $120. Haptic bass has been a su
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The Builds
WE’RE STARTING tod read putting these build lists together, especially when it comes to the GPU situation. So let’s address that first and foremost. We wrote this piece over a period of 24 hours. Two working days. In that time, the GPU we picked for
Maximum PC2 min cititeComputers
Mining Nixed On The Rtx 3060
ANY HELP with the continuing graphics card drought has to be good news. Mining cryptocurrencies using GPUs hasn’t helped. It can be highly profitable, and well-funded mining operations tend to hog the supplies of the best chips. Nvidia has decided to