Diabetes Self-Management


growing number of Americans are living with diabetes, and the prevalence of the condition increases with age. How can you manage your diabetes or reduce your risk of developing prediabetes? In a word: self-care. Proper nutrition, weight management, stress reduction, good sleep habits and exercise all play a role in managing diabetes. Educating yourself on these

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Food Safety
• Bring along a meat thermometer and stay out of the bacteria growth danger zone. Keep cold food below 40°F using ice or cool packs, and hot food at 140°F or warmer. • When traveling to the picnic, keep bags and coolers inside the air-conditioned car
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Ozempic Linked to Major Weight Loss in Obesity
A study has found that Ozempic (semaglutide), a drug for type 2 diabetes, may lead to substantial weight loss in obese people even if they don’t have diabetes—potentially offering a new way to help treat obesity. The research, published in The New En
Diabetes Self-Management1 min cititeMedical
What Is HIIT and Should I Do It?
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage in gyms and health clubs, but you may be wondering exactly what it is, what its specific benefits are, and whether it is safe and advisable for people with diabetes. HIIT involves short bouts (a