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Pic Of The Week
A glimpse of the sandstorm that covered apartments, factories and homes in a village in Linze County in Gansu province, China. It swept up from the Gobi Desert and caused severe air pollution and low visibility for those living in the area. ■
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Taurus’ Love Wish List
■ They wish to be in love for now and forever. ■ They’re inclined to be possessive, but loyal and trustworthy. ■ Their sensuality is alluring and attractive. ■ They love romantic dinners with good food and good wine. ■ They want love and romance to b
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5 Things To Know About Rosé
The 24-year-old, better known as one of the members of the super-successful K-pop girl band Black-pink, has found massive success since embarking on a solo career this year. Her breakout single, On The Ground, has topped Billboard’s Global 200 chart,