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2 Crinan Canal Argyll and Bute
DISTANCE: 14.2 MILES/22.9KM (RETURN) TIME: 2.5–3 HOURS LEVEL: MODERATE ASCENT: 130M TERRAIN: A mostly flat, well-graded towpath with one quiet road section. Two optional detours both involve road cycling and are for traffic-confident cyclists only.
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Rare Habitats Of The Plateaux
Strong winds, no shelter, extended periods of snow and minimal soil – these are harsh conditions. But life continues: expect to see woolly fringe-moss (1), reindeer lichen (2), three-leaved rush (3), stiff sedge (4), wavy hairgrass (5), trailing azal
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Seven Sublime Spring Scents
A scent to make you smile. Hints of carefree childhood, sunshine and bees. Found on lawns, grassland, roadsides and waste ground. Vanilla ice cream with a hint of green. The scent of spring cheerfulness. Grows in woods, orchards and grassland. Once s