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Strange as it was to witness the Vienna Phil projecting its New Year’s Day Concert into the empty Golden Hall of the Musikverein, it was also deeply reassuring to see this annual musical institution prevailing despite the challenges faced by the orch
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Paul Miller tests six CD spinners over £1000: Audio Alchemy DDs/DDe v3, Audio Research CD1, Audiolab 8000CD/DAC, Linn Karik II/Numerik III, Meridian 500/566 and Naim CD/CDPS. The plasma speaker rides again. Arion’s Nemesis offers parallel single-ende
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Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem DG 483 9072 (download options MP3-96kHz/24-bit resolution) Issued in digital form only, at a special low price (but without a booklet), this live recording was made towards the end of 2019 at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.