One thing that’s crucial to keeping a neat and efficient pedalboard is a power unit that can distribute power to all or most of the pedals on the ’board negating – or at least minimising – the need for any bulky adaptors while keeping power

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Blues Headlines
RITCHIE BLACKMORE has long been associated with the neo-classical/baroque lines that inspired the young Yngwie Malmsteen and Randy Rhoads. Indeed, he has continued on this path somewhat with the Renaissance-inspired Blackmore’s Night, though this gen
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Eye Poppin’ Candy
There are few top makers who don’t have a single-cut in their ranges and Knaggs is no exception. The Kenai is no stranger to these pages and is a part of the more Gibson-inspired Influence Series. It has been a key model since master guitar maker Joe
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Under The Hood
Once again peering into the rear control cavity we’re met with that large PCB loaded with trillions (well, over 380 components) of surface-mount components and that has little in common with the simple radio technology of the solidbody versions. Inte