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B450 Tomahawk Max

MSI £120

A reliable platform for your build, the Tomahawk Max also comes in black to complement any style.


Ryzen 5 3600X

AMD £198

This CPU is one of

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Dimensions Of The Past
Back in 2016, for Quake’s 20th birthday, modern Wolfenstein developer MachineGames released a new Quake episode called Dimension of the Past (or DOPA, which is much funnier). The episode includes nine levels, revisiting Quake’s hodgepodge aesthetics
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Pretend you’re a housewife from a 1950s sitcom with this! Very slow, but very bashy. Just mind your thumbs when you bring it down, Range is frustrating/ brilliant depending on who’s holding it. Stab for long range, or charge for very, very long ra
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The locals in Waidtal call the monstrous spiders that live in their woods ‘webknechts’. The things are horrors the size of a large dog. After a day spent wandering the woods we find a boy hiding beneath a handcart surrounded by the strewn remains of