Chat Passion


Ellie Gray, 26, Swinderby

Grinning from ear to ear, my son Isaac, then three, was full of energy.

‘Mummy, let’s have a race!’ he giggled.

It was 2015, and we were out in the park.

‘OK then,’ I sighed. ‘One, two, three, go!’

Just like that, he was off, his little legs moving as fast as they could possibly go.

‘Beat you!’ he laughed, proudly reaching the end of the playground in a matter of seconds.

You would think that a three-year-old would be no match for me, a grown woman in her early 20s.

But as I hobbled over to Isaac, I was panting and sweating, fighting for breath.

I’d only run from one end of the playground to the other, but as my cheeks flushed red, I could feel the other mums staring at me.

And at over 16st, I could

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