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Greentime Hu, senior manager at Andes Technology, posted version seven

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Amazon Lumberyard ( is yet another freely available 3D game engine that works in a similar manner to Unity Engine or Unreal Engine. It is based on the CryEngine, the engine used to create the Far Cry games among othe
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Contain Yourself
A decade or so after the rise of VMs came the rise of containers, and in particular Docker. Containers are the spiritual successors of BSD jails and chroots, but rely on modern features in the kernel, namely cgroups and namespaces, which means applic
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Linus vs Intel
Linus Torvalds, the outspoken creator of Linux, has taken aim at Intel once again, this time in a forum post ( where he accuses the chip maker of preventing error correction code (ECC) memory from becoming widely supported o