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y once-bending and crooked bookshelves of all sorts of Windows titles, starting with all the way through to Windows 7 has been replaced with titles such as , , and titles covering , , Raspberry

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Audio Workstations
Not much music gets made these days without heavy use of computers, and the majority of new music that you hear on the radio was made 100 per cent ‘in the box’. That is, the sounds that you hear were either recorded into a computer and processed with
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Tried And Trusted
“This month’s main topic is a nasty data corrupting bug that struck during the course of Linux 5.12 development (and thankfully was caught before the final release). While hopefully very rare, data corrupting bugs can and do occur. The worst are thos
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Escape From The Evil Space Squids!
Block-based coding is a great way to introduce the concepts of coding, via an easy-to-understand mechanism. Blocks of code are stacked to create a flow, and if we encounter a mistake, we can easily pull the code apart to “debug”. Scratch is a popular