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It was nearly 10 years ago, September 2011. I was at a conference in Oxford, where I met Eben and Liz Upton. In the “gadgets showcase”, Eben and Liz were showing off some interesting new hardware: a credit-card sized circuit board called a Raspberry
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Removing Bottlenecks
After identifying the bottlenecks responsible for slow boot times, you can use the systemctl command to stop and disable unwanted services. For instance, in the example discussed above, smdb, nmdb and networkmanager are some of the services that are
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Contour Your Bottom!
You might have noticed that our mug has a flat bottom. You could add a bit of contouring in this area using the Inset tool, which works in a similar way to the Loop cut tool. In Edit Mode (with modifiers disabled), go to Face Select mode, and select