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Complications vary from face to face, but in the Modular

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MacBook Air
From £999 Apple’s thinnest, lightest laptop now also gets the M1 treatment. But without a price hike! Prices still start at just £999. The next step model (with increased SSD storage and eight-core GPU) even costs £50 less at £1,249. Like the MBP, Ap
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When Tech Terrifies
5G is the latest in a long line of tech scare stories. In the 2000s, the panic was over ‘killer Wi-Fi’; in the 90s, mobile phones; in the 1980s, electric power lines. Before that we were scared about radiation from TVs, and in the early days of the s
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HOW TO Quickly Update Your Apps
on MacUpdater uses a menu bar icon for quick access. Click it, then click Quick Select to highlight apps to be updated. Alternatively, you can Command-click multiple apps at once. Click the Update Selected option to get started. Click the Refresh but