Practical Photoshop


n this tutorial we’ll show you how to warp smoke into any shape you like. With Halloween this month, we’ve opted for a spooky bat shape, but you can choose any shape. We’ve supplied a range of smoke images, but why not shoot your own? (See

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Practical Photoshop2 min citite
Black-and-white treatments and portraiture go hand in hand. But what’s the best way to strip out the color, and what other edits can we make to enhance a monochrome image? In this tutorial, we’ll explore a few techniques you can use to create stunnin
Practical Photoshop1 min cititeComputers
The Basics Of Raw Processing
The latest version of the raw file processor included with Photoshop is so powerful that most photos can be processed entirely in the raw processor, with no need for further editing in Photoshop. And by making your adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw, ra
Practical Photoshop1 min cititeComputers
14 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
Reset the foreground and background colors to black and white Zoom in or out of the image Create a merged copy of all the layers in the layer stack Temporarily switch the current tool to the Hand tool, for moving around the image while zoomed in Swit