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“He’s passionate and talented with an enormous skill base”

Much as even the most accomplished sheddie might like to think otherwise, there is no way to emulate Rod Tempero’s success in building replicas of fabulous mid-20th-century European-style sports racing cars.

Anyone who had the networks and upfront cash to find and afford the components, and the skills, tools, staff, time, and perfectionism required, would still lack that certain je ne sais quoi. Call it ‘genius’ — John Reitveld does.

A long-time friend and client, orthopaedic surgeon John Rietveld puts Rod in the same class as the Kiwi motorbike/jetboat mavens John Britten and Bill Hamilton.

“He’s passionate and talented with an enormous skill base that isn’t really appreciated. He’s very clever but he’s also very humble. I don’t think he recognizes his own uniqueness and that’s part of his appeal as a person,” John says.

Generations of skill

Maybe part of the genius is in the chromosomes. Ask Rod how long it takes

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